Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Say Heck No to GMO

The message I want to share with you today is from I've read about the hazards of Monsanto's "Roundup" and the Genetically Modified food crops they are engineering to be able to survive its application. You can get more complete details here. It is frightening, and as I look to the health defects and issues my kids have, I feel so TOTALLY helpless to change what is.

Several times over the past few months and I have made an effort to begin to switch to organic foods. But it's hard out here where we live. Not only is there limited access to organics at the nearest stores (WalMart & Smith's), but our home is directly next to a field that is subleased to a local farming business, and which is then subleased to some guy who usually lets his crop rot in the field, perhaps preferring to take the government subsidy for a "failed" crop? It is tilled, planted and generously sprayed with heaven knows what. Probably whatever's cheapest. They have no long-term interest in the health of the land they are renting. In some ways I feel bad for the farmers. I understand that farming in today's world is no picnic. It's hard to make a living. It's expensive to do it in a way that is healthy. And I believe farmers are fed untrue information about the safety of the chemicals and genetically modified seed they are sold. I think outright lies are told. So, in the case of a double-subleased field, it's easier to just go with the flow.

But why switch to organic? Dr. Mercola makes a case for it being the only way to get environmental assassins like Monsanto out of the Roundup and GMO business. Organic foods do not support that chemical-dependent cycle. They don't pay fees and royalties that support the GMO system. They don't depend on those chemicals for a successful farming practice. A great video about that can be found here. It was free for a while, but it's totally worth supporting with a purchase of $15.

So. How to shop GMO-free? Is it more than simply buying organic? Dr. Mercola has published a Non-GMO Shopping Guide to help with that. It is also available as an iPhone app. Go to the app store and search "ShopNoGMO".

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