Sunday, December 11, 2011

My new culinary hero, Emeril Lagasse

I have been searching for a specific soup recipe off and on for over 15 years. While I lived in Portugal I had the most amazing soups...those people have perfected the art of soup. Even your average housewife knows the secret to an amazing pot of soup. While I was staying in northern Portugal I once watched one such housewife prepare a delightfully savory butternut squash soup. Over the years I have searched for a similar recipe only to be disappointed again and again with "sweet" squash soups. Yuck. Finally, I noticed that Emeril Lagasse has several Portuguese-inspired recipes on his website. I did a quick search but came up with nothing. So I emailed him...or his staff. Recommended that they get their hands on such a recipe and publish it. Less than one hour later I had a recipe in my email inbox from his webmaster or assistant with the exact recipe I was looking for. Do you realize how huge that is? How quick was that response time and then to top it off they really did have the recipe I wanted???!?!!! In the first place, I didn't expect a response at all.

I am planning to try out the recipe this week and see how close it really gets and I will get back to this blog with a review. Hopefully. If I am not in heaven then. ;)

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