Friday, March 2, 2012

Organic Food, Why I'm Going There

I recently saw the following video on that both inspired and horrified me. The inspiration part came from seeing what some farmers are doing to create polyculture on their farms while maintaining a healthy growing environment and providing food that is healthy for you. The horrifying part was seeing the way mass industry grows and produces the meat that I've been eating nearly every day for years. The video is free to view until tomorrow, so hurry on over and see why eating and living organic matters.

In addition, as you probably know (if you've ever visited this site before), my husband and I have a child with severe food allergies. I saw this video posted to Facebook today and ended up transfixed while my kids were supposedly getting ready for school without my help. I find it highly interesting the kinds of research Robyn O'Brien cites about the years in which the new genetically engineered proteins were introduced into our food system. There has been an explosion of disease since that time...from autoimmune, to food allergies, to rising rates of cancer here in the United States. The foreign proteins are so ubiquitous that they almost can't be avoided, even by the most conscientious of customers. One bit of information that I found particularly interesting was that it was in 1994 our milk supply started containing these foreign proteins (do to soy-based feed for livestock), not to mention high levels of anti-biotics. That was the year I left the country and served a mission in Portugal. When I returned from Portugal in 1995, I immediately started having severe reactions to milk and any dairy product. A doctor would have called it Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but now I can't help but wonder if it was simply an adverse reaction to the "new" milk proteins and chemical cocktail that my American food source contained. Robyn O'Brien gives more detailed explanation of what happened in this video:

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